5 ways to cut your carbon footprint at home


Looking after our environment and carbon footprint is vital for protecting our planet and the future generations who will live on it. In the last decade we've seen the population become more environmentally friendly in a bid to reduce greenhouse gases and improve where we live.

At BOXT we strongly believe in supporting these ideals and always strive to make sure every boiler we fit comes energy efficient. To help homeowners, we've put together our top 5 tips for cutting down your carbon footprint.

Home insulation

Make sure that your property is well insulated throughout to avoid your home getting any drafts or air leaks that could reduce your air temperature. If your home is constantly cold it could be you have insufficient insulation that also means you could be wasting a small fortune on central heating bills, as well as wasting valuable energy. Homeowners can use cost-effective methods such as insulation tape on windows or draft excluders at the footer of doors to very quickly improve insulation.

Solar power

Even though the cost of solar power technology may initially be expensive, the savings it makes in the long term can be enormous. Investing in solar panels for your home can help you reduce your reliance on carbon fuels as well as reduce your electricity and gas bills. Solar power technology can be used for things as small as charging your electronics through to connecting to your central heating system for cheaper cleaner energy.


Most councils now offer recycling schemes to encourage homeowners to separate their waste into recyclable and non-recyclable. Recycling materials means that less carbon based energy is needed to manufacturer new materials like things such as plastics. Recycling can be done as easily as having a separate recycling bin in your home where paper, card and other recyclable materials can be reused.

Smart home technology

Technology such as Amazon Echo or Google Home are not just novelties for voice commands and listening to music. Every month there are new household devices such as light bulbs, radiators, coffee machines and even toasters that have connectivity technology built in. This means that they can connect and speak to Amazon Echos or Google Home devices. For users, this presents a great opportunity for them to reduce their carbon footprint by taking advantage of some of the scheduling features. Smart home users can schedule their heating or lighting to turn down/go off when they leave their home. This means less energy is wasted and money is spent.

Energy efficient boiler

As previously mentioned, one of the most influential things that a homeowner can do is to make sure they have an energy efficient boiler. Many of our customers who have a boiler replacement not only find their central heating system performance improves but that because the combi boiler is more energy efficient, they actually see a reduction on their heating bills. When buying a new boiler, always check the EPC rating (Energy Performance Certificate). All of the boilers we sell are rated 'A' which is the highest rating available for a boiler.

You can find out more about energy ratings and other items on our frequently asked questions page.