Below are the most frequently asked questions about our company, history and team. With so many brilliant prices and an outstanding 10/10 TrustPilot review score, sometimes our customers find it all too good to be true! So here are the usual questions we get asked and their respective answers...

How does BOXT work?

BOXT puts you in control. We let you choose your new boiler online, with no salespeople involved awolling us to offer you a new boiler at a fair price.

Instead of sending a salesperson out to bother you at home, we get you to answer a few simple questions online. It's easy to do on your phone.

You'll be able to compare brands and prices to choose your new boiler. Then you choose a convenient date to have one of our expert Gas Safe engineers install it for you.


First you'll answer a few straightforward questions. What kind of boiler you have, the type of fuel it runs on, how big your home is, that sort of thing.


We'll recommend a set of boiler packages and let you choose The One. You'll be able to compare brands and prices to help make up your mind.


Our packages start at just £10.96 per month. You can also pay it all upfront using our secure online payments system. It's up to you.


Your BOXT will be delivered by courier on the morning of your installation day. Your engineer will arrive bright and early, too, between 7.30 and 8.30am.
On the odd occasion we need to deliver your BOXT a day or so before installation. But don't worry, we always check with you to make sure it's convenient.


Then, your certified Gas Safe installer will arrive to get it all set up. Our installers are qualified, experienced professionals. They're a friendly lot, too.

I'm a landlord. Can I buy from BOXT?

Yes. To buy boilers for more than one property, find and check out each boiler separately. You'll need to answer questions about the number of bedrooms, baths and separate showers in your properties, as well as the shape of the flue and its position on the outside of the house. If you're not sure, it's best to get your tenants to take pictures of their current boiler and flue before you begin.

Will BOXT take away my old boiler?

Yes. We will always take away your old boiler unless you tell us not to. If you don't want us to remove your old boiler, let your installer know on the day of installation.

Will BOXT recycle my old boiler?

Yes. Many parts of your old boiler can be recycled. BOXT supports recycling as much of your old boiler as possible.

Will BOXT recycle my old Back Boiler Unit (BBU)?

No. We will cap off and decomission your old BBU but leave it where it is. If possible, we'll try our best to keep your fire working.

Where do BOXT deliver to?

BOXT deliver nationwide to England, Scotland and Wales 7 days a week. In most cases we can deliver your new boiler and install it within 24 hours.

Who owns BOXT?

BOXT are a limited company registered with Companies House. Our registration number is 08086606.

Why is the BOXT TrustPilot score so high?

Many of our customers initially find BOXT too good to be true so we spend a lot of time and care ensuring that every customer receives the highest level of customer service, whether from our boiler installers through to our customer service call-centre team. As such, we have a 5 star rating on Trustpilot from over 800 satisfied customer reviews. We use TrustPilot as it is one of the world's most reputable and recognised review services and ensures that companies can't delete or censor any reviews. At the time of writing (September 2018), BOXT are ranked the #1 boiler company in the Boiler Installation category in the UK.

Where are BOXT based?

Though BOXT install boilers all over the country, our head office is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Full company details can be found on our Contact Us page.

Why are BOXT boilers so much lower in price than competitors?

At BOXT we have invested in technology such as our website and Installer App so that we don't require the same overheads (staff, office rent, marketing materials) as our competitors. As such, we're able to pass on these cost savings in our prices without compromising on quality or reliability.

How quickly can I get a new boiler from BOXT?

Depending on availability, most BOXT customers can have their boiler installed within 24 hours by receiving a quote from our website.

How can BOXT install a boiler the next day?

BOXT has a boiler installer network covering England, Scotland and Wales. This allows us to dispatch our boiler engineers to jobs using the BOXT Install smartphone app quickly and effectively.