Combi Boilers: Your Buying Guide

#Buying Guide

What is a combi boiler?

A combi, or combination, boiler is a small sized boiler that is popular in residential properties due to the amount of space that can be saved (because there's no seperate hot water cylinder needed). It is one of the most popular boilers in the UK.

Why you should get a new combi boiler?

Despite their size, combi boilers are still powerful units capable of heating your water and central heating system with ease. Due to their small size, combi boilers are often quicker to install and as such reduce your costs. Another benefit of the combi boiler is that the hot water comes through via the mains pressure which means you don't need to use an additional pump.

How do combi boilers work?

Combi boiler remain in a state of standby when there is no demand for water. When somebody in your property turns on a hot water tap, the boiler will activate and immediately heat the water. The benefit of this system is that there is little wastage because the boiler doesn't have to be constantly heating the water and storing it in a hot water tank.

How much does a new combi boiler cost?

The cost of your new combi boiler depends on multiple factors such as the size of your property, your central heating system and how often you are likely to use heating. At BOXT we ask all of our customers to answer a number of questions to help you find the very best boiler for your circumstances. Why not try it out and see which boiler is right for your home - you might be suprised -Find your perfect boiler.

How much does it cost to install a new combi boiler?

The installation cost of for a new boiler depends on the boiler and the work required. However, at BOXT we believe in providing you with an upfront fixed fee that includes 'everything in the box' as well as all the installation costs, so you can make an informed choice and not be suprised by any additional costs.

What are the best combi boilers?

There is no such thing as the best combi boiler, however there is the best combi boiler for the job. With that in mind we've taken a look at some of the most popular high quality combi boilers.

Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler

One of the nation's favourite boilers is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i. When you purchase a 30i from BOXT, you receive a 10 year warranty to reassure and protect against any future issues. The Worcester Bosch 30i combi boiler can heat 12.3 litres of water in a minute and comes with an 'A' energy efficiency rating, which could even save you money on your energy bills.

Pros and Cons of a combi boiler

The pros of using a combi boiler are:

  • The small size of a combi boiler means that they can fit into tight or small spaces. This is particularly popular in flats or small houses.
  • Combi boilers tend to have better energy efficiency than conventional boilers.
  • Combi boilers are ideal for properties with no attic/loft
  • Because there is less pipework used combi boilers can be installed faster than conventional boilers

The cons of a combi boiler are:

  • A combi boiler might not be the best choice if the property has poor mains water pressure
  • When a combi boiler has a fault or encounters an issue, there is no backup heater system so the property will be without heating and hot water
  • A combi boiler can struggle to produce hot water if more than one hot tap is in use at the same time

Things to look out for when buying a combi boiler

Buying a boiler can often be a stressful and confusing process, especially if you've never bought a boiler before. At BOXT we aim to make the process as simple as possible which is why all of our quotes are a fixed price, with everything included and we aim to try install your boiler in 24 hours or on a day that is convienient to you. We believe that our customers should always be as informed as possible and get the right information throughout their time with us:

  • Total cost - Make sure that your quote cost includes everything e.g. installation, piping, a system flush, thermostat
  • A strong warranty - A boiler is often a large expense and vital for keeping your household running. Always make sure that you have a long and strong warranty as standard
  • Installation reviews - If you can read reviews on previous installation jobs this will put your mind to rest that the person installing your boiler knows what they are doing, is polite and courteous and will leave your property clean before they leave
  • Availability - BOXT are different from most of the industry in that we can often install a new boiler in 24 hours. Before agreeing to a boiler installation make sure you agree on a date that is reasonable. We don't want you to be without hot water for weeks!

To purchase your new combi boiler online and book in an installation date, simply use our 'find a boiler' page.