Connected Home - what's the future of your heating system?


Google Home, Amazon Alexa and now Apple HomePod. The concept of the Connected Home is very much becoming a reality. More and more devices are being equipped with WiFi connectivity and integrate with connected technology apps and devices like the Amazon Echo. The latest trend to control your household devices with smartphones or voice commands is proving a lucrative business.

As one of the nation's leading technology companies in the heating industry we've put down our thoughts on how your central heating system could soon look in the future...

Zonal heating

Imagine a house where the central heating changes based to your preferred temperature. In the home of tomorrow, central heating systems may use devices such as smart phones or wearable technology like the Apple iWatch or FitBit to identify who is who in your home and adapt the heating room by room, person by person. A smart central heating system might recognise that your sat in the living room. From there it could notice that the living room is colder than you usually like and as such, it adjusts the temperature to your preferred level.

Where there are two people or more in the same room, the system might even adjust the nearest radiator, fireplace or heater for the individual, or perhaps just reach a compromise with an average temperature of their preferences.

Personal water temperatures

Following the same idea as zonal heating, technology could allow for smart central heating systems to recognise who is use the tap, shower or sink. Technology of the future could even use fingerprint scanning, voice recognition or face recognition to determine who is using the water. The system could then adjust the temperate to the preferred temperature so that the user never gets a sharp burst of cold water first thing in the morning.

Car / Heating connectivity

The advent of connected technology means that heating settings don't need to be restricted to just your home. Already the likes of BMW and MINI have announced integration of Amazon Alexa in their new fleet of cars. This opens up the potential in the very near future for users to adjust their boiler from the car. So if it's a particularly cold evening you could turn up the heating on your commute from work so it's extra toasty when you get back in.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats like the Honeywell Wireless Smart Thermostat (which we provide free with every new boiler) are already here. They allow users to set their boiler temperature, set timings and switch their heating system on or off from a smartphone app. Integration with connected home systems like Google Home or Amazon Alexa mean that voice commands can be used anywhere in the world to adjust the heating. All you need to do is find a boiler that can integrate with a smart thermostat like the Honeywell Wireless Smart Thermostat.

Solar powered heating

Last but not least is the prospect of solar powered heating. As consumers look to cut running costs and be more environmentally friendly, we can expect so see more boilers integrating with solar power technology. Solar energy is cleaner and more cost effective in the long-run and could help slash central heating costs when set up correctly with the right boiler. Boilers such as the Worcester Bosch 30CDi and Worcester Bosch 15ri are already ahead of the curve and can be integrated with your solar panels with a little help from BOXT.