General Boiler FAQs


Purchasing a new boiler can often be a daunting task. Boiler technology is always changing and if you've been fortunate enough to have had a great boiler installed correctly, you might not be familar with replacing your boiler and the products available.

We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions asked about boilers in general. If we've not answered one of your questions just contact us on phone, email or social media and we would be happy to help.

How much does a new boiler cost?

The costs for:

  • a brand new A-rated boiler,
  • a brand new flue,
  • all the right fixtures, fittings and safety attachments,
  • installation from a Gas Safe Registered engineer
  • would traditionally set you back between £2,500 and £4,000.

BOXT can offer you exactly the same A-rated boiler, flue, attachments and Gas Safe registered installation from £1,695, or from £10.96 a month, including VAT.

What are Thermostatic Radiator Valves?

Thermostatic Radiator Valves – or TRVs – are controls for your radiators. They regulate how much hot water flows into the radiator so you can adjust its temperature.

TRVs also let you turn some radiators off (for example, in a room you're not using) without turning off the heating.

Why do I need TRVs?
The Government recommends that every household has Thermostatic Radiator Valves because they:

  • save you money on heating bills
  • use less energy
  • are better for the environment
  • But they're not mandatory.

What's the cost?
Each valve costs £35. If you don't have them already we'll include them in your package and install them for you.

You'll get one for each bedroom.

I want TRVs for other rooms too
You can change the number of TRVs you receive before you check out.

I don't want TRVs installed
No problem. Just remove them from your boiler package before you check out.

What is a flue?

A flue is a pipe, like a chimney, that carries waste from the boiler outside. You can see your flue exit (the part of the flue that comes out of your house) on the wall or roof of your home.

Flues can either be square or round in shape.

If the flue is less than two metres off the ground, or underneath a carport or shelter, it'll be covered by a guard. This looks like a piece of wire mesh covering the end of the flue.

When you buy a boiler from BOXT, we'll also supply and fit a brand new flue for you, along with all the safety attachments you need.

What is the filter?

A magnetic filter, which we'll provide and install for free. It's fitted to the boiler on the return flow. This catches any debris from your system and stops it getting into your new boiler.

What is a Plume Management Kit?

A Plume Management Kit directs 'products of combustion' away from openings or vents into your property. This keeps you and your family safe.

I use solar power. Can I buy from BOXT?

Yes. Your new BOXT boiler will work with solar power in exactly the same way as your old boiler. Simply choose a solar-compatible boiler. If your heating runs entirely on electricity generated by solar, give us a ring on 0800 193 7777.

What is a system boiler?

System boilers heat your radiators directly and store hot water in a storage cylinder. They're usually installed in an airing cupboard or garage. They heat a large volume of water and then store it until you use it. This means they're less efficient than Combi boilers, which heat water only when you use it.

What is a Standard boiler?

Standard boilers are also known as Conventional or Regular boilers. They store hot water in a storage cylinder, like System boilers, but they're fed by a separate cold water tank – usually in the loft. There's another separate tank, called a ‘feed and expansion cistern', usually in the loft too. Standard boilers are the largest type of boiler.

What is an ErP label?

The Erp – Energy related products – Label tells you how efficiently a boiler (or another appliance like a fridge or a washing machine) uses energy. It's designed to help you choose the right appliance and pay less in energy bills. The label rates products from A+++ to G.

A+++ is the most efficient boiler you can get.

It also tells you how loud the appliance is in decibels and how much heat it outputs in kilowatts.

All of the boilers BOXT sells are rated A for efficiency.