How to make sure your boiler isn't wasting money


Making sure the boiler actually works is every new homeowners worst fear. Too often when you buy a house, you don't give the boiler a proper and rigorous check to make sure it's in actual working order. For many, it's not until they move in do they first learn some of the quirks or broken elements of their central heating system. Most new homeowners check the thermostat, set their heating schedule and never look at their boiler again until something goes wrong. It's likely that they won't learn how efficient their boiler is until they receive their first heating bill. If they have a particularly old or energy inefficient boiler the bill could be several hundred pounds more than expected (especially if the new property owner isn't used to heating a house of that size).

To help, the team at BOXT have put together a few thoughts to argue why you should always make sure that you're using an energy efficient boiler.

Get the right sized boiler for your home

Many home owners have the wrong sized boiler for their home. When you move into a property larger or smaller than your own it can be difficult to gauge how much your heating bill will be, when the heating needs to be on and the size of your boiler. Many older homes are often fitted with old boiler systems that are designed for much larger homes, sometimes we've seen boilers meant for industrial use in residential homes. Because these boilers have been designed for a different sized building, they can be incredibly inefficient. At BOXT, we make sure that we fit a boiler that suits your home (which is why we ask how many showers and bedrooms you have).

Check your boilers energy rating

Since 2015 the European Union has ensured that all boilers come with a ErP rating. ErP stands for “Energy related Products” and is designed to let homeowners know thee the efficiency of heating and hot water products. Every new boiler must come with a clear sticker that indicates an accurate energy rating. The ErP rating works on a scale from A to G with G being the worst performing for energy efficiency. If your boiler has a low energy rating then it's likely to be costing your more to heat water in your system.

Make sure you have the right heating schedule set

All newer boilers will allow the user to set a heating schedule so that the central heating is only on at the times you need it to be. Keeping your heating at a high temperature all day, all week, all year round may lead to a toasty warm home but it will also lead to a massive bill and put unnecessary strain on your boiler. Make sure that you set your thermostat to come on when you want it to and perhaps look at having it turned to low temperatures or even off when you're out of the home (especially when the outside temperature is warm).

Invest in connected heating technology

To take your boiler to the next level, you could use a boiler like the ones we sell at BOXT that use connected thermostat. Technology is now at a level that you can control your boiler from anywhere in the world via smart phone applications. Users can even set their smart thermostat to recognise when they or family members are at home (using geofencing technology) so the heating will 'wake itself up'.

How expensive is it to maintain your boiler?

Even if an older boiler has been trustworthy and performed over the years, you could find that it's now become so old that it's harder to maintain. Older boiler systems (particularly those out of guarantee) can often be hard to source parts for. Furthermore, if the parts are hard to find they also are likely to go up in price. Investing in a new boiler not only provides the reassurance of reliability and protection from a guarantee, but it also is likely to require maintenance.

When was the last time your central heating system had a powerflush?

We recommend that your entire central heating system receives a powerflush every 5 or 6 years to clear out the system of debris or anything that could be potentially blocking the system (and consequently cause it be less efficient). We perform a power flush on every system we install included in our cost to provide peace of mind and ensure the most efficient system possible.

At BOXT all of our boilers come with only A-ratings for energy efficiency. To find the right sized boiler for your home, answer a few questions in 90 seconds and get an instant quote for your new boiler.