Myths of energy saving revealed

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Myths and common misconceptions you might have towards energy saving

There are many tip and recommendations surrounding the best ways to keep your home warm and help you cut your energy usage. This has led to many misconceptions that could be actually see you using even more energy or at best make no difference at all.

MYTH 1: Turning the thermostat higher will heat your home faster

When it's cold inside and outside your house, it's always tempting to turn the heating right up to get your house warmer, quicker. Ramping the heating up makes no difference, your heating will heat your home at the same rate, it just will not stop when your home reaches your desired temperature. You’ll end up spending more money than needed as your house starts to get too hot resulting in your wasting the additional energy that has been used.

MYTH 2: Leaving your heating on low is more efficient than on a timer

Some people believe that just leaving your house on a lower heat constantly will save you more money than leaving your heat on a timer. This simply isn’t the case, by leaving your heating on constantly with nobody around you are wasting needless energy on an empty house.

A good example of this is the energy lost from a hot water tank. This is completely dependent on the temperature difference between the surface of the tank and its surroundings. It's a common misconception that it takes more energy to heat up your water than maintaining it. If your heating is set on a timer, the tank is well insulated, you use an effective thermostat on the tank, then you can limit the ammount of energy used while you are not going to use any hot water.

Using a timer is an essential gadget when you are trying to cut your energy bills. You can turn the heating off when everyone has left the house and make sure it comes back on 30 minutes or so before you arrive home. If your hot water tank is in the airing cupboard for example, this is a well-insulated area so your heating will take no time to kick in. This process works again for using your hot water, set the timer to come on roughly half an hour before you want to get up and start showering in the morning.

MTYH 3: Keeping the doors open in your house circulates warm air

It is common believe that if you have particular rooms in your home that are warm and you leave doors open it will help circulate air throughout the house. In fact it has the complete opposite effect of what is trying to be achieved. Keeping the doors shut keeps the warm air trapped in the rooms. If you have cooler rooms you might want to check your radivator valves are turned up or feel for cold spots on the readitor as it may need bleeding to cleaning out.


MYTH 4: You can’t switch energy providers if you rent

It’s a very common assumption that you need to gain your Landlords permission in order to switch to another energy provider. This is completely dependent on your living situation.

If you don’t own the house but you pay the bill, as the bill payer you are entitled to change providers as you are the one paying. This could save you hundreds in the long term by doing so.

If the tenent is on a pre-paid meter they will need to notify the landlord first before contacting the energy suppliers. If you are planning to stay in the property for a long time you could enquire about switching to a normal meter to get the best deals on your energy.

Make little adjustments to everyday life to save more on your bills.