Questions to ask a prospective boiler installer

#Buying Guide

Having a new boiler fitted isn't just as simple as 'can they do the job?'. A new boiler is often a substantial purchase that will have a huge effect on your home lifestyle. Get it wrong and you could be left with a difficult, ugly and unreliable heating system that is sure to cause chaos with those staying in your home. Get it right and chances are you'll never even think about your boiler again because it's doing exactly what it should be.

Picking the right company or boiler installer can be a difficult and intimidating task. Many homeowners simply don't have the expertise to know the difference between a good and bad boiler or boiler installer, so many never ask any questions and just agree.

To help, we've compiled a list of questions that everyone should always ask when having a new boiler fitted. If you get the right answers back you can rest assured that you're likely to have a good job done.

Are you Gas Safe Registered?

Regardless of experience, only Gas Safe Registered engineers are legally allowed to install boilers. You can check on the Gas Safe Register website to check an installers credentials at: If they are not registered you could be putting you and your property's lives in danger.

What boiler will you install?

At BOXT our state-of-the-art system will work out what boiler is best for your home and heating needs. Some boiler installers will install a boiler based on cost, some based on what's right for you house and unfortunately, some will fit whatever they have in stock. You should always ask what boiler is being installed so you can check reviews and information about said boiler online.

What's the energy efficiency rating for the boiler?

All of our new boilers at BOXT have 'A' ratings for energy efficiency. This means that they are likely to be better for the environment and cheaper for your running costs. You should always be looking for a 'A' rated boiler where possible.

When will you be available to fit the boiler?

Whilst BOXT can deliver and install a new boiler within 24 hours, many boiler installers may need a week or two to purchase the boiler and arrange a time to fit it. Before agreeing to the installation always make sure you make it clear when the boiler is going to be installed so that you can arrange for someone to be available to let the installers in.

Does the boiler come with a warranty?

Every BOXT boiler comes with a 10-year warranty but many competitors may have less (or perhaps none at all). Always find out how long the warranty is and who it is with. Sometimes it might be with the installation company, sometimes it may be with the manufacturer. Always find out as much information as you can to avoid disappointment should your boiler require repairs or maintenance further down the line.


Who will activate the warranty?

At BOXT we activate your warranty for you to make life easier. However, many installers do not offer this service so you may need to activate your own warranty (usually online or by telephone).

What's included in the cost of the boiler?

Always make sure there are no hidden costs associated with your boiler installation. Make sure that tasks such as delivery, taking your old boiler away, installation of a new thermostat, any system cleanses etc are all included in the price. At BOXT, we only ever provide one cost and that includes absolutely everything with no hidden or additional costs.

Will the installer clean up?

We are proud that our installers always clean up after themselves. There is nothing worse than having work done in your home and it being left a mess. We always strive to leave every job with your home looking the way it was when we found it.

Will the installer take away the old boiler?

The last thing you want is to be left with an often large and bulky boiler sat in your house or outside. Furthermore, getting rid of a broken boiler can be an difficult task so always remember to ask if the installer will take your old boiler away. We will always take away your old boiler unless you tell us not to.