The most common mistakes people make with their boilers

#Getting Started

What not to do when searching for a new boiler

When searching for a new boiler it is usually done in a state of panic as your boiler has let you down. The first thing you will do is search “combi boiler prices” for example, the outcome of this can often be that companies can supply for less than £1,000.

In many cases depending on a variety of factors such as the boiler size, labour or any extras the price can end up being anywhere between £1,500 - £4,000.

At BOXT, you get a fixed price quote that includes: a 10 year warranty, installation, removal of the old boiler & water tank and even certain pipework all in one fixed price with no hidden costs.

Make sure your boiler is regularly serviced

Regular maintenance of your boiler is essential to keeping it as efficient as possible, this can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

We all live busy lives and it can be easy to forget than your boiler needs servicing. By not having regular services you increase the risk of needing repairs in the future and could be invalidating your existing warranty.

By making sure you book your boiler in for a service in the warmer months you limit the costs for repairs and more importantly you will keep your boiler running efficiently. It will also help in summer as you won’t feel a noticeable drop in temperature in your home as you would in the colder months.


Emergency call outs are most common in Winter so a lot of installers are busy. It is always best to get repairs and installations done when it’s warmer and your boiler is not needed as much due to higher installer availability.

In the long term regular boiler maintenance will ensure your boiler is working correctly, you can save money on future repairs. Any fully qualified boiler installer can fix any minor issues left unrepaired which could cause significant malfunctions and costs later on.

Common boiler cover mistakes

It can often be tempting to get drawn into attractive introductory prices. It is always best to look into quotes as they may have a fixed price period in the first year of the policy. Then after this set period they can increase the price in the second year.

Should I replace my boiler?

On average heating accounts for 60% of your energy bills each year (Energy Saving Trust). Depending on your boilers warranty period it will need to be serviced each year but after this period your boiler could become less efficient. Knowing how to upgrade your boiler could make a big difference to your home and help save you money.

Another reason to replace your boiler is usage. If you have a large family using plenty of hot water you would most likely need to be using a regular boiler. In smaller homes that use a fraction of the water would be better suited to a combi boiler. This all leads back to efficiency and making sure you have the right boiler for your home.

…. signs you should replace your boiler

There are certain tell tale signs that your boiler needs replacing. Most modern boilers will be A-rated so any boiler older than 15 years old can be as low as G-rated which will be less efficient and add to your energy bills.

One of the most obvious signs your boiler is on the blink is, if it is not producing heat instantly all Modern boilers.

Is the flame in the boiler burning yellow rather than blue? This is known as the “silent killer”, carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas which means you can’t smell it. This can replicate flu type systems so it is vital you get your boiler maintained straight-away.

One of the more obvious signs your boiler needs an upgrade is when it is making strange noises. These are easy to catch and will not take long to spot. A number of reasons can cause the clunking and whirring sounds, this is often due to wear and tear of the boiler when it is left unmaintained.

….what are the benefits of replacing your boiler?

The benefit of upgrading to a modern boiler is the efficiency. All modern boilers are condensing boilers which means they burn fuel more efficiently but they will lose some heat from the flue. This doesn’t affect the efficiency as it has a large heat exchanger enabling it to recover more heat and send cooler gases up the flue.

In terms of efficiency, ease and reliability, it's far more beneficial to upgrade or service your boiler in the warmer months to keep your energy bills low and avoid the panic of your boiler breaking down on a cold and frosty winter morning.