What are the best Smart/Wifi Thermostats available?


The ability to change your home central heating temperature from your smartphone can be very attractive to many of our customers. If you're heading back to your home and it's particularly cold outside, Smart Wifi Thermostats mean that you can bump up the temperature, so it's nice and warm when you get home. Furthermore, if you're on holiday and the UK has a unforeseen cold snap hit and you've left your heating on low, you can quickly change the temperature and avoid any frozen pipes.

However, finding a Smart Thermostat for your new boiler can be difficult with so many great products on the marketplace today. With that in mind, we've put together some of our favourite Smart Thermostats:

Best for looks - NEST Learning Thermostat

The beautifully designed NEST thermostat is gorgeous to look at and packs a real punch with plenty of features and connectivity to other devices. It has sensors for temperature, humidity and ambient light and is compatible with combi boilers, system boilers, hot water tanks and underfloor systems.

One of the best things about the NEST thermostat is that it learns the more you use it. The sensor and smart in-built system will recognise when you've gone to bed, when you get up and where the peaks for heating usage are in your door. Using all of this data the NEST thermostat can then pre-empt your heating needs so that you're never caught in the cold.

The NEST Learning Thermostat works with both Amazon Echo and Google Home. However, it is one of the pricier options on the marketplace.

Best for accessibility - CLIMOTE

This versatile and easy-to-use thermostat is a great addition to any smart home. The Climote is head and shoulders above other competitors in that it allows users to manage multiple rooms rather than just one. Furthermore, the Climote works using a SIM card so doesn't require broadband internet to connect to. This means that your central heating is unlikely to be disrupted by internet outages.

Another major benefit of the Climote is how accessible and easy-to-use it is. Users can log-in their smartphone app or by internet browser. As well as this, users can even use text message to manage their thermostat and heating! However, the remote access service costs €3.69 per month which is a bit of an annoyance for many users.

At £299 the Climote is an expensive option, especially when you consider the extra cost for the remote access service.

Best for compatibility - TADO Smart Thermostat

The TADO Smart Thermostat is a great cost-affordable smart thermostat that looks beautiful and has plenty to offer. One of the biggest attractions of the TADO system is that it is able to monitor the outdoor temperature and ensure that if it's a hot day, that your thermostat isn't unnecessarily high and if it's cold outdoors that it can give some extra oomph to make sure you stay warm.

The system can be managed via app, LED display and even web browser meaning that you can easily login and adjust your central heating system anytime, anywhere.

Perhaps most importantly though is just how compatible the TADO is. It works with a huge list of boilers and is incredibly easy to install.

Best for price - Honeywell Wireless Smart Thermostat

The Honeywell Lyric Wireless Smart Thermostat is our thermostat of choice simply because it represents excellent value for money. Every new combi boiler bought from BOXT gets the Lyric included with their boiler free of charge. Easy to control, simple to fit and full of useful features, the Honeywell is really in a class of its own.

The Honeywell does so much for the cost including things like geofencing (allowing it to recognise to change its settings when you're home or not) for multiple users. Another handy feature is the holiday mode that allows you to set a scheduled heating time so that the system changes whilst your away but will also recognise when you come back home. The Lyric will then revert back to its usual settings without you ever having to reprogram the system at all.

The Lyric works with iOS Homekit and Amazon Alexa so you can take advantage of voice commands and work the device into the rest of your connected home by setting up daily routines, triggers or commands.