What you need to look out for when choosing the right warranty for your boiler

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When you buy a new boiler the last thing you want to be worrying about is what happens if something goes wrong down the line. If your boiler suddenly breaks and your left without hot water as well as an expensive repair bill, it’s important to know what you are covered for beforehand to avoid confusion and panic.

How many years are you covered for?

When you purchase a new boiler you will receive a manufacturer backed warranty of up to 10 years which will change depending on the brand you choose e.g. Worcester Bosch, Vailant, Ideal, Baxi. The length will be in the terms and conditions and will vary depending on which model you select.

Is your warranty actually valid

To keep your warranty valid, and to ensure that your boiler is operating safely and efficiently, it is necessary for you to have your boiler serviced annually by a gas safe registered engineer. If you don’t then you risk making your warranty void.

You will be required by most boiler installation companies and manufacturers to get your boiler serviced annually to make sure your boiler remains under the warranty. Without regular maintenance your boiler will end up having to work harder to perform effectively. As a result your energy bills will increase.

What does the warranty cover?

All of the manufacturers have strict conditions that must be met in order to secure their extended warranty or guarantee. The cover might only cover specific areas such as callouts, repairs, labour or a combination of those and more.

Tips for choosing the right warranty for you

Some of the more premium models of boilers such as Worcester Bosch and Baxi offer models come with a 10-year warranty as standard. Depending on your home and your preferences you may or may not be after models like this. This will depend on a number of things such as the size of your property, your required heating output and hot water needs. For those that don’t need top of the range boilers but want the cover that comes with them you can pay to extend your guarantee with your manufacturer or installer.

How do you organise a service?

It is now required that you must get your boiler serviced by any gas safe registered engineer. Some boiler manufacturers and installers may or may not require you to use them to carry it out. This will be disclosed to you at the point of purchase or in the terms and conditions of the warranty itself.

BOXT warranty

What does the warranty cover?

Your warranty covers everything that BOXT has supplied and installed for you. That usually means the boiler, flue and any attachments.

Do I need to activate my warranty?

You can sit back and relax once you’ve ordered your new boiler. We will register your warranty for you with the manufacturer as soon as you’re boiler has been installed. So you will be protected from day 1.

How do you keep your warranty valid?

When you get your boiler serviced you don’t have to use BOXT, as long as the installer is Gas Safe registered it will keep your warranty valid. You must get this done once a year to ensure your warranty is valid for the full 10-years.

The cost of a service from BOXT is £75 including VAT.

Final note...

The most important thing to consider when it comes to which warranty suits you is to read the terms and conditions. This will help you understand better what it is you are covered for and what is needed to keep your boiler warranty valid.